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The manufacturer of PetSafe products (Radio Systems Corporation) is a member of the Electronic Collars Manufacturers Association (ECMA).

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About PetSafe

The manufacturer of PetSafe products (Radio Systems Corporation) is a member of the Electronic Collars Manufacturers Association (ECMA). The Electronic Collars Manufacturers Association was formed to promote the safe and reliable use of electronic training devices. The ECMA has built its reputation on the following principles. The ECMA has established a Code of Conduct, which includes a form of self-regulation to limit the extent of production of its products, which have been scientifically proven to be harmless. Companies that refuse to sign the code of conduct are not allowed to join ECMA.

Our products have saved the lives of thousands of animals by helping to correct behavior problems such as chasing livestock or wildlife, attacking other pets or people, eating dangerous or unhealthy substances, chasing vehicles, and excessive barking. Our products are valuable because they are often the last hope for dogs that would otherwise probably have to be eliminated because of behavior problems. Many professionals have agreed to its use due to the successful and beneficial results. The products do not cause injury to the animals The constant pulse is unpleasant and frightening, but not harmful or painful. The purpose of the device is not to hurt the pet, but to educate it. Millions of euros have been spent on research to determine the rate currently used to ensure that it does not cause pain to the animal, but still remains effective.



Animal Welfare Certificate

1. Our Commitment All ECMA members are obliged to comply with the requirements set out in this document for pet protection products marketed in the countries of the European Union. These requirements apply to electrostatic and anti-barking (spray) collars, fencing, remote training and anti-barking applications. ECMA advocates the safety of animals living together and the responsible use of its members' products. If a deliberate crime against the welfare of companion animals comes to the attention of ECMA, ECMA and its members reserve the right to bring charges against those responsible.

2. Our standards

2.1 Mandatory inclusion in the instructions for use All products must be accompanied by an instruction manual containing effective operating and training instructions. Instructions for use of electrostatic and anti-barking (spray) collars must include a statement that the product should only be used on animals over 6 months of age. The instructions for use of any collar-based product should include advice on how to avoid skin necrosis caused by squeezing. It should also include advice that the collar should not be worn permanently, that the fit of the collar should be checked at all times and that the animal's neck should be checked frequently.

2.2 Approval and product marking



For all products

- must comply with the current EU standards (a copy of the approval and the official document must be kept by members and made available on request).

 - comply with current EU radio frequency regulations.

 - include the CE logo.

 - It may optionally include the ECMA "Approved Product" logo.

 2.3 Product safety requirements for electrostatic products.

 The power rating of electrostatic products shall not exceed 15 Ma RMS or a maximum of 100 mA (reference: IEC 479-1 and 479-2).

 The length of the stimulation period shall be controlled by an automatic safety trip.

 Products shall have variable correction power to adapt to the needs of the animal, owner or situation.

 The contacts of the collar shall be safe

and shall consist of rounded points.

 The distance between the contact points of the collar shall not exceed 60 mm.

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